Below you'll find articles that I have written about topics that are interesting to me, and resources that I have created and/or collected that I want to share.

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The easter run

As an aniversary trip for one year of Vauxhall ownership I set out to drive south to Jönköping in my 1962 Victor, during easter 2019.

Standard locomotive

The electric locomotive from the late 1960's that became a common site at Swedish railroads, both for passenger and goods transport.

From Gudmund to 90

Description of the new Saab introduced in 1968 and the changes through the years, the including the Saab 90, all the way to 1987.


Through Norway with the race car

A travel story from the middle of Norway "seen" from the driver's seat of my track day car.


Blues transport

About the cars of the two Blues Brothers movies.


Car suspension coil springs from Biltema

A data chart with dimensions of car suspension coil springs currently, and previously, sold by the Scandinavian parts store Biltema.

Can be used to search for a suitable custom spring for your build. (Swedish)

The old navvy

A fictional short story about a train driver and a confused retiered old navvy, inspired by the Dellen line in north of Sweden.


55 years old car winter trip

The "need" for an old car was massive in the autumn of 2017. I found one in almost 600 km away from home and decided to buy it and drive it home all the way in december.

Bosal removable tow hitch

I guide you trough how I did reassembled my removeable tow hitch on my Saab 9-5.


Cadillac in the 50's

A year by year description of the styling and technical aspects of Cadillac models in the 1950's.

Small saloon

About a small British Ford saloon from the 1950's with both some archaic and state of the art technology.

The first Citroën for the masses

In the sight of the 1980's Citroën wanted a car that would appeal to more than their regular customer. The BX was born from a Volvo-sketch.